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Today's Major Events

Roman Law Exempts Christian Church Leaders from Compulsory Public Service
Birth of Rosa Luxemburg, Russian Jew and Marxist Philosopher
Lynch v. Donnelly: Supreme Court Rules Nativity is OK in Christmas Display
Teutonic Knights Defeated by Grand Duchy of Lithuania at Battle of Aizkraukle
Catholic Church, Cardinal Robert Bellarmine Declare Copernicanism False

This Month in Atheist History

Bodies of Madalyn O'Hair, Son, Granddaughter Buried in Unmarked Grave
Auschwitz Tests New Gas Chamber Cremantorium on Jews
Greek Clergy Sent Flyer Accusing George Papandeou of Atheism
Bertrand Russell Delivers 'Why I Am Not a Christian' Speech at National Secular Society
Vatican Denounces Salman Rushdie's Book as Blasphemous