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Today's Major Events

Emperors Declare Public Heretical or Pagan Rites Will Get the Death Penalty
Battle of Paris Ends With Surrender of Occupying German Forces to Allies
Roy Moore Supporters File Suit to Block Removal of Ten Commandments Monument
Richard I the Lionheart Marches Crusader Army Down Coast of Palestine
Birth of George Corley Wallace, Future Governor of Alabama Defender of Segregation

This Month in Atheist History

Judges Can't Force Atheist Jurors to Swear Religious Oath
Humanist Manifesto II is Published
Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Son, and Granddaughter Are Likely Kidnapped
First Publication of Friedrich Nietzsche's Book Beyond Good and Evil
Birth of Freethinker Robert Ingersoll, Proponent of Secularism and Religious Skepticism