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Today's Major Events

Birth of Oswald Spengler, Philosopher & Historian
McGowan v. Maryland: Court Rules Sunday Closing Laws Are Constitutional
Elkhart v. Brooks: Court Upholds Unconstitutionality of 10 Commandments Monument
Braunfeld v. Brown: Supreme Court Rules Pennsylvania's Blue Laws Are Constitutional
Mt. Everest Scaled for First Time by Edmond P. Hillary of New Zealand

This Month in Atheist History

Joseph Lewis Files Lawsuit to Stop Bible Readings & Hymns in Public Schools
Birth of Atheist Actress Katharine Hepburn
Brown v. Board of Ed: Court Ends Separate But Equal Public Schools, State-Sponsored Segregation
Nietzsche's Sister Elisabeth Marries Professional Antisemite Bernhard Förster
Clarence Darrow Explains Why Tennessee's Butler Act Should be Struck Down