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Today's Major Events

Nuremberg Race and Citizenship Laws Imposed on Austria
Bishops of Scotland's Episcopal Church: Homosexuality No Bar to Ministry
Hitler Proclaims Law to Revoke Citizenship For Acting Contrary to Spirit of the Volk
Michael M. vs. Superior Court of Sonoma County: Statutory Rape Only a Crime When Men Do It
Mormon Fanatic John Doyle Lee Executed by Firing Squad for Mountain Meadows Massacre

This Month in Atheist History

Greek Clergy Sent Flyer Accusing George Papandeou of Atheism
John Lennon Declares Beatles More Popular Than Jesus
Bertrand Russell Delivers 'Why I Am Not a Christian' Speech at National Secular Society
Passage of the Comstock Act, First Federal Antiobscenity Law
David Waters Sentenced for Murders of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and Family