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Today's Major Events

Martin Luther Publishes Pamphlet Against the Papacy
Italy's Lateran Pact Amended: Catholicism No Longer Official Religion
First Catholics Colonists Arrive in North America
Adolf Hitler: Anschluss of Austria was God's Will
Goldman v. Weinberger: Court Upholds Military Dress Code Prohibiting Religious Apparel

This Month in Atheist History

Pope Pius XII Issues Holy Year Encyclical to Combat Atheism
Bertrand Russell Delivers 'Why I Am Not a Christian' Speech at National Secular Society
Court Hears Lawsuit From Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Will Reject
Newdow v. U.S. Congress: Court Will Rule Addition of 'Under God' to Pledge is Unconstitutional
Death of Philosopher W. K. Clifford