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Today's Major Events

Leni Riefenstahl's Triumph des Willens (Triumph of the Will) Opens
Thomas Goode at Virginia Secession Convention: Reason for Secession is Slavery
SS Officer Viktor Brack Writes to Himmler About Mass Sterilization
Stump v. Sparkman: Judge Can't Be Sued for Sterilizing Minor Girl Without Her Consent
Birth of Daniel Dennett, Philosopher and Scientist

This Month in Atheist History

Pope Pius XII Issues Holy Year Encyclical to Combat Atheism
Court Hears Lawsuit From Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Will Reject
David Waters Sentenced for Murders of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and Family
Newdow v. U.S. Congress: Court Will Rule Addition of 'Under God' to Pledge is Unconstitutional
Bodies of Madalyn O'Hair, Son, Granddaughter Buried in Unmarked Grave