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Today's Major Events

Southern Presbyterian Church: Sex in Marriage Without Intent to Conceive is Not a Sin
Pope Clement XII Issues Papal Decree Against Freemasons, Bans Catholics From Joining
Archbishop Stepinac Urges Catholics to Work With Ustashe Fascist Leader Ante Pavelic
Birth of Kurt Gödel, Philosopher and Mathematician
Birth of Heinrich Müller, Future Chief of the Gestapo

This Month in Atheist History

Death of William of Ockham, Philosopher and English Franciscan Theologian
Birth of American Atheist Madalyn Evalyn Mays on Easter Sunday
Torcaso v. Watkins: Supreme Court Rules Against Religious Tests for Public Office
Birth of George Jacob Holyoake, Leader of English Freethought Movement
Bavaria's Catholic Bishops Instruct Priests to Oppose Godlessness, Support the Government