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Today's Major Events

ACLU Will Try to Raise $10,000 for Defense of John Scopes for Teaching Evolution
Birth of Erich Marie Remarque, Author of All Quiet On The Western Front
Operation Barbarossa, Invasion of Soviet Union, is Launched by Nazi Germany
Second Armistice at Compiègne Signed Between Germany and Remains of French Government
Vatican Condemns U.S. States Outlawing Discrimination Due to Sexual Orientation

This Month in Atheist History

Birth of Indian Author Salman Rushdie
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Broadcasts First Episode of Atheist Point of View on Texas Radio Station
Loving v. Virginia: Supreme Court Strikes Down Virginia Law Banning Interracial Marriages
McCarren-Walter Immigration Bill Passed Over President Truman's Veto
Equal Rights Amendment Fails After Only 35 States Ratify It