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Today's Major Events

Louisiana Archbishop Joseph Rummel Gives Speech Defending Racial Integration
Norma McCorvey of Roe v. Wade is Confirmed as Roman Catholic
Georgia Mob Lynches Jewish Factory Manager for Alleged Sexual Molestation and Murder
Governor Marco Bragadin of Famagusta is Gruesomely Executed by Ottoman Turks
Rudolf Hess Commits Suicide by Strangulation in Berlin's Spandau Prison

This Month in Atheist History

George Holyoake to Serve Six Months in Prison for Blasphemy
Michael Newdow Sues Congress for Tax-Payer Funded Chaplains
First Publication of Friedrich Nietzsche's Book Beyond Good and Evil
Communist Control Act Outlaws Communist Party in U.S.
Government Investigates FCC Decision on Fairness for Atheists on Radio