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Today's Major Events

Alleged Bigfoot Hairs Reveled as Bison Hairs by Canadian Genetics Lab
Pope John Paul II: Hell is a State of Rejecting God, Not a Place or Location
Birth of Karl Raimund Popper, Philosopher of Science and Logical Positivism
Robespierre Executed with the Guillotine in France
Scientology v. IRS: Court Upholds Revoking Tax-Exempt Status from Church of Scientology

This Month in Atheist History

Drama Critic & Lecturer Sydney J. Harris Says Being an Atheist is Shallow & Dumb
N.Y. Supreme Court Rules Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller is Flagrantly Obscene
Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Gives Interview About Her Legal Fight 25 Years Ago
President Coolidge Tells Boy Scouts a Man Cannot Be Great Without Belief in God
Birth of Eric Hoffer, Social & Political Philosopher