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Today's Major Events

Emperor Frederick II Finally Starts Fifth Crusade, Uses Diplomacy Not Force
Lemon v. Kurzman: Direct Government Aid to Religious Schools is Unconstitutional
Death of James Madison, Author of the First Amendment
Court Decision on Engel v. Vitale is Attacked by Cardinal Francis Spellman
Archbishop Gröber Orders Clergy to Stiffen German People's Respect of Authority

This Month in Atheist History

Madalyn Murray O'Hair Broadcasts First Episode of Atheist Point of View on Texas Radio Station
Abbington v. Schempp: Court Strikes Down Lord's Prayer in Public Schools
Georgia's Supreme Court Upholds Prison Sentence for Having Communist Literature
Loving v. Virginia: Supreme Court Strikes Down Virginia Law Banning Interracial Marriages
Equal Rights Amendment Fails After Only 35 States Ratify It