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Today's Major Events

Christianity Banned & Missionaries Ordered Out of Japan by Hideyoshi
Mata Hari Sentenced to Death by French Court for Spying for Germany During WW I
First Council of Nicaea Ends, Creates the Nicene Creed
President Coolidge Tells Boy Scouts a Man Cannot Be Great Without Belief in God
France's King Henri IV Converts from Protestantism to Catholicism

This Month in Atheist History

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Gives Interview About Her Legal Fight 25 Years Ago
Hungary's Communist Party: Members No Longer Need to be Atheists
Baruch Spinoza is Expelled From His Synagogue for Heresy
Dutch Couple Refused Canadian Citizenship Because They Refuse to Swear So Help Me God
N.Y. Supreme Court Rules Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller is Flagrantly Obscene