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Today's Major Events

Dalton Trumbo, Albert Maltz, and Alvah Bessie Held in Contempt by House Un-American Committee
U.S. Government Asked to Protest Vatican Interference in Puerto Rico Elections
Election of Pope John XXIII
Death of John Locke, English Philosopher in the British Enlightenment
After 14 Months, the Siege of La Rochelle Ends With Surrender of Huguenots to Catholics

This Month in Atheist History

Maryland Judge Shirley Jones Dismisses Indictment Against Madalyn Murray-O'Hair
Madalyn Murray (O'Hair) Tells School Her Son Won't Attend if Prayer and Bible Reading Remain Mandatory
S.E. Cupp: I'd Never Vote for an Atheist President
Death of British Freethinker George William Foote