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Today's Major Events

Hospitallers Surrender to Ottoman Turks at the Siege of Rhodes
N.Y. Times Runs Story That Henry Ford is Financially Backing Hitler's Nazi Party
Pope Pius XI Praises Italian Fascist Dictator Benito Mussolini
After Getting Pardon From Bavarian Court, Hitler is Released From Landsberg Prison
Death of Carl Sagan, Astronomer and Humanist

This Month in Atheist History

Death of Carl Sagan, Astronomer and Humanist
Robin Murray-O'Hair Jailed on Civil Contempt Charges for Refusing to Take a Religious Oath in Court
Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Doesn't Have to Swear Oath to God to Testify at Trial of Her Attacker
Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Loses Attempt to Remove Nativity Scene From Texas Capitol Rotunda
Ella Nomland Wins Right to Become U.S. Citizen Even Though She's an Atheist