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Today's Major Events

King Phillip IV Orders Jews Expelled From France, Takes Their Money
King David Hotel in Jerusalem Bombed by Jewish Terrorist Group Irgun Zevai Leumi
First Mormon Settlers Enter Great Salt Lake Valley
Cathars, Catholics, & Priests Massacred Indiscriminately by Crusaders in Béziers
Public School Superintendant: Religious Instruction Should Stay in Schools

This Month in Atheist History

Birth of Eric Hoffer, Social & Political Philosopher
Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Gives Interview About Her Legal Fight 25 Years Ago
Ann Landers Says Children Shouldn't Make Their Own Religious Choices
Death of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, Freethinker & Publisher of the Little Blue Books
Drama Critic & Lecturer Sydney J. Harris Says Being an Atheist is Shallow & Dumb