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Today's Major Events

Lawyers File Two Lawsuits Seeking Removal of Roy Moore's Ten Commandments Display
Pope Pius XII Denies that Church and State Should Be Separated
At Auschwitz the Last Mass Selections for Gas Chambers Take Place
Roy Moore Supporters Demand Impeachment of Judge Who Ordered Removal of Ten Commandments Monument
Mormon George Reynolds Indicted a Second Time for Bigamy

This Month in Atheist History

Death of British Freethinker George William Foote
Justice Dept. Begins Arrests of Foreign-Born Communists for Deportation
Madalyn Murray (O'Hair) is Interviewed by a Newspaper About Her Fight Against School Prayer and Bible Reading
S.E. Cupp: I'd Never Vote for an Atheist President
Maryland Judge Shirley Jones Dismisses Indictment Against Madalyn Murray-O'Hair