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Today's Major Events

Judge Orders Painting of Crucifixion Removed from Public School Auditorium
Little Rock Clergy Support Racial Integration, But Remain Silent
Father Benedict Groeschel: Priests are Being Seduced by Children
Marco Rubio: God is the Source of All We Have and Faith is God is Most Important American Value
Michael Newdow Sues Congress for Tax-Payer Funded Chaplains

This Month in Atheist History

Communist Control Act Outlaws Communist Party in U.S.
Judges Can't Force Atheist Jurors to Swear Religious Oath
Humanist Manifesto II is Published
Madalyn Murray O'Hair, Son, and Granddaughter Are Likely Kidnapped
Birth of Freethinker Robert Ingersoll, Proponent of Secularism and Religious Skepticism