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Today's Major Events

Cardinal von Faulhaber Praises Hitler for Concordat
Free Speech Coalition v. Reno: Court Rules CPPA Violates First Amendment
Movie Studios Support Martin Scorsese and his movie 'Last Temptation of Christ'
Mormon Pioneers Found Salt Lake City, First Named Deseret

This Month in Atheist History

Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Gives Interview About Her Legal Fight 25 Years Ago
Drama Critic & Lecturer Sydney J. Harris Says Being an Atheist is Shallow & Dumb
Death of Emanuel Haldeman-Julius, Freethinker & Publisher of the Little Blue Books
Dutch Couple Refused Canadian Citizenship Because They Refuse to Swear So Help Me God
Death of Freethinker Robert Green Ingersoll, Advocate of Secularism & Religious Skepticism