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Today's Major Events

Death of James Butler Hickok, Better Known as Wild Bill Hickok
Death of Paul von Hindenburg, President of Weimar Republic in Germany
Iraq-Kuwait War Starts With Iraq Invading Kuwait
Official Signing of U.S. Declaration of Independence in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Einstein and Szilárd Urge Roosevelt to Develop Nuclear Weapons Before Nazis Do

This Month in Atheist History

Birth of Freethinker Robert Ingersoll, Proponent of Secularism and Religious Skepticism
Michael Newdow Sues Congress for Tax-Payer Funded Chaplains
Government Appeals Newdow v. U.S. Congress Which Struck Down Under God in Pledge
First Publication of Friedrich Nietzsche's Book Beyond Good and Evil
Birth of Felix Adler, Founder of Society for Ethical Culture