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Today's Major Events

Mother Teresa Longs to Die Says Jim Towey, Former Seminarian of Missionaries of Charity Order
Birth of Friedrich Engels, German Social and Political Philosopher
Jerusalem's Grand Mufti Presses Hitler to Declare Arab Freedom and Independence From Jews
Iranian Government Bans Religious Marches While Trying to Stop a Religious Revolution
Birth of French Anthropologist Claude Levi-Strauss

This Month in Atheist History

Atheist Group Wants Rev. John Straton of Calvary Baptist Church Arrested for Faith Healing
Birth of Elizabeth Cady Stanton
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Makes Her First T.V. Appearance on Phil Donahue's First Show
Death of Georges Clemenceau, French Politician and Atheist
Atheist James Elliott Offers Rev. John Straton Cash for Proof of Cure Using Faith Healing