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Today's Major Events

First Public Showing of Michelangelo's Art on Sistine Chapel Ceiling
Edmund Burke Publishes 'Reflections on the Revolution in France'
Missouri Mormon War Ends When Joseph Smith Orders Mormon Troops to Surrender
Society of St Pius X is Founded by Bishop Marcel Lefebvre
Nazi War Criminal Alois Brunner Gives Interview, Says He Has No Regrets

This Month in Atheist History

Madalyn Murray O'Hair Makes Her First T.V. Appearance on Phil Donahue's First Show
Dutch Filmmaker Theo van Gogh Assassinated for His Criticisms of Islam and Muslim Immigration
Birth of Carl Sagan
President of an Atheist Group Convicted For Improper Use the Word God
John and Cynthia Burke Ordered by Court to Give Up Adopted Daughter Because They're Atheists