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Today's Major Events

Bishop Martin Sasse Argues for More Manly & Less Effeminate Church
Pope John Paul II Tells Youth Not to Let Sex Abuse Scandals Discourage Them
England's Henry VIII has Thomas Cromwell Beheaded for Treason
Birth of Karl Raimund Popper, Philosopher of Science and Logical Positivism
Alleged Bigfoot Hairs Reveled as Bison Hairs by Canadian Genetics Lab

This Month in Atheist History

Hungary's Communist Party: Members No Longer Need to be Atheists
Madalyn Murray-O'Hair Gives Interview About Her Legal Fight 25 Years Ago
Birth of Eric Hoffer, Social & Political Philosopher
Drama Critic & Lecturer Sydney J. Harris Says Being an Atheist is Shallow & Dumb
N.Y. Supreme Court Rules Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller is Flagrantly Obscene