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Today's Major Events

Santa Fe School v. Doe: Separation of Church and State Violated by Student-led Prayers
Nazi Ministry of Justice Creates Law to Kill Marinus van der Lubbe for Reichstag Fire
Treblinka Begins Exhumation of Burning of 700,000 Corpses
American Bookstores Won't Carry Free Inquiry Magazine with Muhammad Cartoons
Griswold v. Connecticut: Law Against Distributing Contraceptives will be Struck Down

This Month in Atheist History

David Waters Sentenced for Murders of Madalyn Murray O'Hair and Family
Death of Philosopher W. K. Clifford
Vatican Bans Books Defending Truth of Copernicanism
Bodies of Madalyn O'Hair, Son, Granddaughter Buried in Unmarked Grave
Death of Clarence Darrow, Lawyer and Social Critic