Evangelist Oral Roberts Says Must Close Hospital, Medical School & Sell His Many Homes Hot

Evangelist Oral Roberts Says Must Close Hospital, Medical School & Sell His Many Homes

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In Tulsa, Oklahoma, evangelist Oral Roberts announces that he must close his City of Faith Hospital and Medical School as well as sell his personal home in order to make up for a $25 million deficit created by declining donations.

Oral Roberts says that he is holding out some hope that a miracle will turn things around, but a $50 million endowment is required if the closing of the medical complex is to be prevented. In addition to his personal home, he is selling four other homes, including one used by his son and a 830-unit housing complex used by married students at Oral Roberts University.

According to Roberts, the dramatic reduction in donations to his ministry has been caused by a growth of skepticism and cynicism in the wake of scandals involving other television evangelists like Jim Bakker and Jimmy Swaggart.

Roberts tells people:

"However spiritual one is, you cannot do anything without money. ...

We've got to take the religious blinders off our eyes and end our holier-than-thou attitude and realize that we live in a human world and that it takes money to survive."


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