Pat Robertson Resigns as Southern Baptist Minister to Run for President Hot

Pat Robertson Resigns as Southern Baptist Minister to Run for President

Pat Robertson, 2006

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Pat Robertson resigns his ordination as a Southern Baptist minister and severs his ties with the Christian Broadcasting Network which he founded 27 years ago. Robertson plans to announce his candidacy for president and believes that his religious affiliations could be perceived as inappropriate for a presidential candidate.

Pat Robertson has been relying heavily on the enthusiasm of conservative Christian followers, but at the same time he has been trying to adopt a more secular tone in his speeches. He has, for example emphasized some of his secular accomplishments, like the founding of CBN University.

In the letter he writes announcing the resignation of his ministry, Pat Robertson says:

"As I make that decison, I am keenly aware of the deeply held belief in this nation that there should not be an established religion in the United States of America, nor should the Government prohibit the free exercise of religion by any of the people. ...

For this reason, I recognize that although the overwhelming majority of the American people desire leaders with strong religious faith, to many of our citizens the election of an ordained clergyman of any faith — Protestant, Catholic or Jewish — to as high a public office as the Presidency of the United States would, in their opinion, be tantamount to a preference of one religious denomination over all others. ...

I love broadcasting and I will hate to leave it. For now, I feel an obligation to serve the greatest nation on the face of the Earth."


Pat Robertson — Islam Not A Religion

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