Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat Begin Peace Negotiations at Camp David Hot

Menachem Begin & Anwar Sadat Begin Peace Negotiations at Camp David

Camp David Accords Handshake

Camp David Accords: Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat begin 13 days of peace negotiations at Camp David, Maryland.

The negotiations are being led by U.S. President Jimmy Carter, who personally pushes both sides to complete a deal rather than walk away as has happened so often in the past.

For Carter and his advisors, a key element of these talks is that whatever deal is reached, it become the basis for a future solution to the problem of the Palestinians.

It is unlikely that any sort of deal would ever be reached without the personal involvement of President Carter. Begin and Sadat hate each other so much that they rarely even meet face-to-face. Carter must keep going back and forth with proposals and counter-proposals just to get anything done.

Two agreements will be reached by the end of the two weeks of talks at Camp David: A Framework for Peace in the Middle East and A Framework for the Conclusion of a Peace Treaty between Egypt and Israel. The second will be the basis for a formal peace treaty signed by Israel and Egypt in six months. This leads to a normalization of relations between the two nations, including an exchange of ambassadors, something that won't happen with other Arab nations for decades to come.


The Camp David Accords

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