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Death of Anthropologist Sir Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard

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Sir Edward Evan Evans-Pritchard (E.E. Evans-Pritchard) dies in Oxford, England. As an anthropologist, E.E. Evans-Pritchard was a significant figure in the development of social anthropology in Great Britain and played an important role in the structure of theories about religion during the 20th century.

Much of his principle work was done among the Azande and Nuer tribes of southern Sudan. In 1950 he broke with the view popular among many and promoted by Radcliffe-Brown that anthropology is a natural science; instead, he argued that anthropology should be understood as one of the humanities.

Evans-Pritchard's argued that the key issue facing cultural anthropology was the question of translation. For him, this involved two complex matters: the problem of entering into the mental world of an alien and unfamiliar culture, and the problem of then making that world understandable to others and comparing it to the cultures which they are more familiar with. Thus, one must first translate one's own thoughts in a manner which can accommodate the experiences of the object culture and then translate those experiences into ideas which others can comprehend.


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