Indian Military Crosses International Border into Pakistan, Starts Undeclared War

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Indian military forces cross the international border into Pakistan, making today the official start of an undeclared war that began a month ago when Pakistan invaded the disputed region of Kashmir. This is no mere border skirmish: it involves major battles of tanks, air forces, and even navies.

Soon the Indian army is in the Lahore district and within range of the Lahore International airport. Despite having superior military forces, however, India is unable to deploy them effectively enough.

In the end, the war becomes a stalemate: both sides lose similar numbers of soldiers and capture similar amounts of each other's territory. Independent observers conclude that the undeclared war might be called a victory for India simply because they were able to deny Pakistan the goals they were trying to achieve.

In Pakistan, the government-controlled press keeps telling people how wonderfully the military is doing, which means that the sudden Tashkent ceasefire agreement that Pakistan has to sign, giving up all military gains, comes as a shock. People come to believe that the military has been stabbed in the back by treacherous elements of the government and for decades, the military will keep the truth from its citizens.


Dastan-e-Shujaat — 1965 India-Pakistan War

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