Hjalmar Schacht Found Not Guilty at Nuremberg War Crimes Trials Hot

Hjalmar Schacht Found Not Guilty at Nuremberg War Crimes Trials

Hjalmar Schacht, 1935

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Hjalmar Schacht, former President of the Reichsbank and former Reich Minister of Economics during the Third Reich, is found not guilty by the Nuremberg war crims tribunal. As Reich Minister of Economics, Schacht supported Hitler's seizure of power and was integral to the economic policies of the Nazi regime.

In Nuremberg he has been put on trial for "crimes against peace" (planning and waging wars of aggression), but he is never accused of war crimes or crimes against humanity.

No one ever accused him of participating in the Holocaust, he never joined the Nazi Party, he didn't wield much power during the war itself, and he even ended up in a concentration camp himself. All of this saves him from the punishments imposed on other high Nazi officials.


Nuremberg Day 218 Schacht Judgment

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