Hitler Explains Germany's Successes & How Providence Favors German People Hot

Hitler Explains Germany's Successes & How Providence Favors German People

Adolf Hitler Reviewing Troops, 1942

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Adolf Hitler gives a speech in Berlin in which he explains that Germany's successes up to this point are all evidence of how "Providence" favors the German people. He goes on to insist that God is trying them but that they will come out victorious.

Hitler says:

"In my eyes, the year 1942 already has behind it the most fateful trial of our people. That was the winter of '41 to '42. I may be permitted to say that in that winter the German people, and in particular its Wehrmacht, were weighed in the balance by Providence.

Nothing worse can or will happen. That we conquered that winter, that "General Winter," that at last the German fronts stood, and that this spring, that is, early this summer, we were able to proceed again, that, I believe, is the proof that Providence was content with the German people. ...

You do not realize what is hidden beneath these words in the way of human heroism, and also of human pain, and suffering, and we may say, often anxiety too, naturally, deathly anxiety on the part of all those who, especially for the first time, are placed before the trial of God in this highest court."


Christian Hitler Invoking God — Gott Mit Uns

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