August Frank Goes into Great Detail on How Jews Should be 'Evacuated' Hot

August Frank Goes into Great Detail on How Jews Should be 'Evacuated'

August Frank

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August Frank, a high-ranking Nazi official with the SS Main Economic Administration Office (SS-Wirtschafts-Verwaltungshauptamt, WVHA), sends out a memo explaining in great detail exactly how the Jews should be "evacuated."

Because it explains what to do with items like the underwear of evacuated Jews, this memo demonstrates that the Nazis are using "evacuate" as a euphemism for "murder." It also reveals the extent of the bureaucratic, administrative involvement in the details of the Holocaust: everything is being planned and overseen in great detail.

August Frank writes:

"Without taking into account the overall regulations which are expected to be issued during October, pertaining to the utilization of mobile and immobile property of the evacuated Jews, the following procedure has to be followed with regard to the property carried by them — property which will in all orders in the future be called goods originating from thefts, receiving of stolen goods, and hoarded goods:...

d. Men's underwear and men's clothing including footwear has to be sorted and valued. After covering the needs of the concentration camp inmates and in exceptions for the troops they are to be handed over to the Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle. The proceeds go to the Reich in all cases.

e. Women's clothing and women's underwear, including footwear; children's clothing and children's underwear, including footwear; have to be handed over to the Volksdeutsche Mittelstelle against payment. Underwear of pure silk is to be handed over to the Reich Ministry of Economics according to orders by the SS Economic and Administrative Main Office. ...

It has to be strictly observed, that the Jewish Star is removed from all garments and outer garments which are to be delivered.

Furthermore, items which are to be delivered have to be searched for hidden and sewed-in values, this should be carried out with the greatest possible care."

The WVHA is responsible for the administration of all Nazi concentration camps and Frank is the SS Administrative Officer for Special Purpose Troops (SS-Verfügungstruppe) as well as of the SS Death's Head units (SS-Totenkopfverbände) which are the concentration camp guards.

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