Himmler Writes to Gauleiter About Hitler Having All Jews Moved to the East Hot

Himmler Writes to Gauleiter About Hitler Having All Jews Moved to the East

Ghetto Litzmannstadt (Lodz): Children rounded up for deportation to the Chelmno death camp
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Heinrich Himmler writes to Arthur Greiser, the Gauleiter in Warthegau (the areas of Poland annexed by Nazi Germany), about Adolf Hitler's desire to have all Jews in German areas moved to the East.

Himmler explains:

"The Führer wishes that the Old Reich and the Protectorate be emptied and freed of Jews from west to east as quickly as possible.

I am therefore striving to transport the Jews of the Old Reich and the Protectorate in the Eastern territories that became part of the Reich two years ago. It is desirable that this be accomplished by the end of this year, as a first and initial step in deporting them even further to the East next spring.

I intend to remove a full 60,000 Jews of the Old Riech and the Protectorate to the Litzmannstadt [Lodz] ghetto for the winter. This has, I have heard, the space to accommodate them."

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