Interior Minister Frick Reissues Decree that all Jews Under 6 Must Wear Star of David

Interior Minister Frick Reissues Decree that all Jews Under 6 Must Wear Star of David

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Reich Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick decrees that in Germany as well as German-occupied Poland, Slovakia, Bohemia and Moravia, all Jews over the age of 6 must wear a special identifying yellow Star of David on their outer clothing when in public.

The order was first issued on September 1 and is supposed to take effect today, 14 days later. Many sources state, however, that it takes effect on the 19th.

This new regulation states:

"Jews that have completed their sixth year of life are forbidden to show themselves in public without the official Judenstern ("Jewish star" — Star of David). This consists of palm-sized, yellow material shaped like a star with the inscription "Jude" (Jew). It must be firmly sewn to and visible upon the left breast."

In Das Reich, a newspaper he himself started, Josef Goebbels will publish in November an article called "Die Juden Sind Schuld!" (The Jews are Guilty). It discusses the decision to impose this measure by saying:

"We wanted to make them visible as Jews, particularly if they made even the least attempt to harm the German community. It is a remarkably humane measure on our part, a hygienic and prophylactic measure to be sure that the Jew cannot infiltrate our ranks unseen to sow discord.

As the Jews first appeared several weeks ago on the streets of Berlin graced with their Jewish star, the initial reaction of the citizens of the Reich capital was surprise. Only a few knew that there were still so many Jews in Berlin.

Everyone suddenly found someone in the neighborhood who seemed like a harmless fellow citizen, who perhaps complained or criticized a bit more than normal, and whom no one had thought to be a Jew.

He had concealed himself, mimicked his surroundings, adopting the color of the background, adjusted to the environment, in order to wait for the proper moment. Who among us had any idea that the enemy was beside him, that a silent or clever auditor was attending to conversations on the street, in the subway, or in the lines outside cigarette shops?

There are Jews one cannot recognize by external signs. These are the most dangerous. It always happens that when we take some measure against the Jews, English or American newspapers report it the next day.

Even today the Jews still have secret connections to our enemies abroad and use these not only in their own cause, but in all military matters of the Reich as well. The enemy is in our midst. What makes more sense than to at least make this plainly visible to our citizens?...

If someone wears the Jewish star, he is an enemy of the people. Anyone who deals with him is the same as a Jew and must be treated accordingly. He earns the contempt of the entire people, for he is a craven coward who leaves them in the lurch to stand by the enemy."


The Holocaust — (The Yellow Star)

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