Pope Pius XII's Silence After Year of War is Criticized Hot

Pope Pius XII's Silence After Year of War is Criticized

Pope Pius XII, 1938

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After a year of war during which Pope Pius XII has been almost entirely silent on the crimes and atrocities being committed, criticism of the pope grows.

In response, an English broadcast on Vatican radio is used to explain the "silence of the pope."

As father of Catholics all over the world and on all sides of the conflict, "the less he commits himself one-sidedly, the greater will be the respect and adoration tended to him."

The pope expects Catholics in conquered territories to respect him for not speaking out against being invaded, conquered, and persecuted. On moral questions, where neutrality isn't feasible, it hasn't yet been possible to determine where justice and injustice really lay.

Apparently, Pope Pius XII is still trying to figure out if the persecution of Catholic priests is an injustice, or for some reason a just response to some provocation.

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