Boston City Censor Bans Eugene O'Neill Play 'Strange Interlude' Hot

Boston City Censor Bans Eugene O'Neill Play 'Strange Interlude'

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John M. Casey, City Censor for Boston, bans the Eugene O'Neill play "Strange Interlude" on orders from Boston's mayor, John M. Nichols. The play had been scheduled to be performed at the Hollis Theater starting at the end of the month.

The play has also been banned in Providence, Rhode Island, where Captain George W. Cowan, city amusement inspector, has read the script and concluded that it deals with "salacious situations."

Local religious leaders fully support the censorship of Eugene O'Neill's play. Bishop Samuel G. Babcock of the Protestant Episcopal diocese of Massachusetts will send a letter to every Protestant minister in the Boston area asking them to express their support of the ban from their pulpits.

Theresa Helburn and Lawrence Langner of the board of managers of the Theatre Guild release a joint statement saying:

"We have heard the rumors concerning Mayor Nichols' reported attitude and cannot believe this to be true. On first hearing the rumor last Saturday we immediately suggested a conference with the Mayor, but were told that this was unnecessary.

Because we have been advertising the play for the past six months as part of our coming season at the Hollis Street Theatre, we find it hard to believe that if the city government had any such intentions, we would not have heard of it earlier.

Some 7,000 Boston members of the Theatre Guild have subscribed to see 'Strange Interlude' and will, we feel, be greatly disappointed if we are prevented from fulfilling our promises."
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