Hitler Complains About Alleged Mistreatment of Germans in Sudeten Region Hot

Hitler Complains About Alleged Mistreatment of Germans in Sudeten Region

Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, 1938

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Adolf Hitler gives his closing speech at the Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg and in it complains about how "God's creatures" are being mistreated in ways that Germany has an obligation to rectify. His goal is to create outrage against alleged "mistreatment" of ethnic Germans in the Sudeten region of Czechoslovakia.

According to Hitler:

"Amongst the suppressed minorities in this state, there are also three and a half million Germans, roughly as many people of our race as Denmark has in inhabitants. These Germans are God's creatures as well.

The Almighty has not created them so that the construction arrived at in Versailles might place them at the mercy of an alien power they hate. And He has not created seven million Czechs either so that they may reign over these three and a half million, keep them in tutelage, and even far less did He create them to ravage and torture . ...

It is the duty of all of us to never again bow our heads to any alien will. To this let us pledge ourselves, so help us God!"
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