Hitler Denies That National Socialism is a Cult Hot

Hitler Denies That National Socialism is a Cult

Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, 1938

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Adolf Hitler gives a speech at Nuremberg in which he denies that National Socialism is a cult or something involved in worship — instead, it's exclusively political and involved in that which God wants them to be involved with.

Hitler says:

"National Socialism is not a cult-movement — a movement for worship; it is exclusively a 'volkic' political doctrine based upon racial principles. In its purpose there is no mystic cult, only the care and leadership of a people defined by a common blood-relationship. ...

We will not allow mystically-minded occult folk with a passion for exploring the secrets of the world beyond to steal into our Movement. Such folk are not National Socialists, but something else — in any case something which has nothing to do with us. At the head of our program there stand no secret surmisings but clear-cut perception and straightforward profession of belief.

But since we set as the central point of this perception and of this profession of belief the maintenance and hence the security for the future of a being formed by God, we thus serve the maintenance of a divine work and fulfill a divine will — not in the secret twilight of a new house of worship, but openly before the face of the Lord. ...

Our worship is exclusively the cultivation of the natural, and for that reason, because natural, therefore God-willed. Our humility is the unconditional submission before the divine laws of existence so far as they are known to us men. ...

God have mercy on him who attempts to subvert our Movement and our State by insisting upon convoluted orders or introducing vague mystical elements to them. It suffices for this lack in clarity to be contained in words only."


1938 Nuremberg and the Nazi Party Rally in Color

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