Official Jesuit Paper Runs Article on Jewish World Dominance

Official Jesuit Paper Runs Article on Jewish World Dominance

Pope Pius IX
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La Civilta Cattolica, an official Jesuit publication founded by Pope Pius IX and published under the direct control of the papacy, carries an article on the "Jewish Question." In it, the anonymous author accuses Jews of being involved in a huge conspiracy for control over the world.

According to the Jesuit paper:

"Two facts that seem contradictory are both verified through the Jews dispersed in the modern world: their control of money and their preponderance in the socialism and communism that constitute a grave and permanent peril for society."

Why do Jews exist as both capitalists and anti-capitalist revolutionaries, two contradictory positions? It's all a grand conspiracy:

"Socialism is not always an end in itself; it can be a weapon and a means of destruction that promotes the goals of international finance. ...

The supreme Judaic ideal seeks to transform the world into a single corporation with equal shares; the whole earth must become the capital of this corporation, which is supposed to make the work of all creatures flourish; then Israel, aided at the outset by a few puppets, is to provide the dictatorial board of directors of this corporation.

The quickest method for succeeding is brutal and dictatorial communism."

What's a good Christian Nation to do with Jews in order to prevent this from happening?

"[Assimilation] would be the best. It is impossible because the Jews have been, are, and will remain Jews. ...

Zionism would be a satisfactory solution, but it does not seem a durable one, because the Jews, uniquely endowed with the qualities of parasites and destroyers, have neither the aptitude nor a liking for manual labor. ...

Their remains a third solution: the ghetto, that is, a special legal status for the Jews. This is the solution Christian nations adopted before the French Revolution."

The author doesn't think that any of these options are viable in the long run, though:

"Judaism, considered as a whole, is constantly developing and taking on a new strength. It has resisted all efforts to absorb it, and all dissolving factors, and it continues to grow numerically."

So, he leaves it as a mystery in the hands of God. Nazi Christians in Germany whose anti-Semitism is in large part based on anti-Semitic rhetoric like this believe that God has, in turn, placed the resolution of this question in the hands of Adolf Hitler — and he comes up with a "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem.

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