Himmler Forbids SS Members Taking Leading Role in Any Religious Organization Hot

Himmler Forbids SS Members Taking Leading Role in Any Religious Organization

Heinrich Himmler

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Heinrich Himmler forbids all members of the SS from taking a leading role in any religious organization, including the growing neo-pagan groups.

He also forbids them from expressing religious intolerance or scorn for any religious symbols.

This is a renewal of a similar order he gave the previous year:

"I forbid SS members to pester, annoy, or mock another due to his religious views. Just as the German has never tolerated religious constraint on himself, so are the religious convictions of his neighbors holy and inviolable to him. ...

I most strictly forbid any disturbance as well as any tactlessness regarding religious events of all confessions (i.e. processions of the Catholic Church). Likewise, a tactful deportment when churches are visited out of historical or artistic interest goes without saying."

In this latest memorandum, Heinrich Himmler adds that this is based on the "National Socialist version of the age-old German right of freedom of conscience."


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