Hitler Again Dismisses Equality for Women Hot

Hitler Again Dismisses Equality for Women

Adolf Hitler in Nuremberg, 1935

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Adolf Hitler gives speech in Nuremberg to the National Socialist Women's League (Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft, abbreviated "NS-Frauenschaft", literally "Nazi Womanship"). Like a similar speech last year to the same group, Hitler dismisses the idea of equality for women as a liberal lie.

In exchange for sticking to the divinely ordained sphere of the home, women are getting a new kind of man forged by the Nazi state.

Hitler also says that he would never send "a single woman to the front" if Germany were ever at war, and that he'd be ashamed to be German if something like that ever happened. Women belong at home raising children, not in the military fighting.

According to Hitler:

"There was a time when liberalism was fighting for 'equal rights' for women, but the faces of German women and German girls were devoid of hope, bleak and sad. And today? Today we see countless beaming, laughing faces. And here again it is woman's instinct which tells her for good reason: we can laugh once again, for the future of the Volk is guaranteed.

The compensation which National Socialism gives woman in exchange for her work lies in that it is once again training men, real men, men who are decent, who stand erect, who are brave, who love honor.

I believe that when, in the past few days, our healthy, unspoiled women have watched the marching columns, these sturdy and faultless young men of the spade, they must have been saying to themselves: what a healthy, marvelous race is growing up here! That is also an achievement which National Socialism has wrought for the German woman in the scope of its attitude toward women in general."

The National Socialist Women's League is the women's division of the Nazi Party. Led by Reich Women's Leader (Reichsfrauenführerin) Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, it will encompass 40% of total Nazi Party membership by 1938.

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