Hitler Dismisses Idea of Equality for Women, Blaming This Lie on Jews Hot

Hitler Dismisses Idea of Equality for Women, Blaming This Lie on Jews

Adolf Hitler, 1934

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Adolf Hitler gives speech in Nuremberg to the National Socialist Women's League (Nationalsozialistische Frauenschaft, abbreviated "NS-Frauenschaft," literally "Nazi Womanship"), in which he dismisses the idea of equality for women. Instead, he argues that men and women were created by God for different purposes in life. It is only a lie created by the Jews that is forcing men and women together in the same fields of endeavor.

Hitler says:

"The catchword 'Women's Liberation' is merely a phrase invented by the Jewish intellect, and its contents are marked by the same spirit. The German woman will never need to emancipate herself in an age supportive of German life. She possessed what Nature gave her automatically as an asset to maintain and preserve; just as the man, in such an age, never had to fear that he would be ousted from his position in respect to woman.

Woman has been the last to contest man's right to his position. Only when he was no longer sure of himself in recognizing his duty did the immortal instinct of survival and preservation begin to revolt in woman. After this revolt, a shift took place which was not in accordance with Nature's design, and it prevailed until both sexes returned to what an eternally wise Providence assigned to them.

If it is said that a man's world is the State, that the man's world is his struggle, his willingness to devote himself to the community, one might perhaps say that a woman's world is a smaller one. For her world is her husband, her family, her children, and her home.

But where would the larger world be if no one wanted to care for the small world? How could the larger world survive if there was no one who would make the cares of the smaller world the content of his life? No, the large world is built upon this small world! This greater world cannot survive if the small world is not firm. Providence assigned to woman the care of this, her very own world, and it is only on this foundation that the man's world can be formed and can grow. ...

We do not feel that it is right when a woman forces her way into a man's world, in territory belonging to him; instead, we feel it is natural when both of these worlds remain divorced from one another. One of the worlds is home to the power of feelings, the power of the soul! The other is home to the power of recognition, the power of toughness, of resolution, and of fighting morale!...

What the Jewish intellect maintains is not true — that respect is determined by the overlapping of the spheres of activity of the two sexes — but rather this respect requires that neither of the sexes endeavors to do what belongs to the other. This respect ultimately lies in the knowledge of each half that the other is doing everything necessary to maintain the whole!

Therefore, woman throughout the ages has always been the helpmate of man and thus his most loyal friend, and man, too, has been the protector of his wife throughout the ages and thus her best friend. And both perceived in this manner of living the common foundation for the existence of what they loved, and of its continued subsistence in the future.

Woman is an egoist in maintaining her small world, putting man in a position to preserve the greater world, and man is an egoist in maintaining this greater world, for the one is indissolubly bound up with the other. We will stand up against an intellectualism of the most depraved sort which would tear asunder what God hath joined. ...

Then no mad fight over theories will flare up, then man and woman will not turn against one another because of false notions, for then the blessing of the Almighty will rest upon their joint struggle for life!"

The National Socialist Women's League is the women's division of the Nazi Party. Led by Reich Women's Leader (Reichsfrauenführerin) Gertrud Scholtz-Klink, the NS-Frauenschaft will encompass 40% of total Nazi Party membership by 1938.

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