Rev. Michael Bolton of St. Albans in England Attacks Contraceptives Hot

Rev. Michael Bolton of St. Albans in England Attacks Contraceptives

Bishop Michael Bolton Furse, 1938

At the 60th general convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church being held in Denver, Colorado, Rev. Michael Bolton Furse, bishop of St. Albans, England, claims that the use of contraceptives is "sinister" and little different from the anti-God campaigns in atheist Russia.

According to Bishop Furse:

"We may well look with horror on the anti-God campaign in Russia, but what is happening in Europe and America?...

Are we compromising with a comfort-loving world with its efforts to avoid this God-given responsibility by attempting to frustrate the biological end of sexual intercourse in marriage — the procreation, if God wills, of the human race?...

The prevalent and increasing use of contraceptives by married folks is, I am convinced, bound in the long run to degrade the holy estate of matrimony, physically, morally, and spiritually.

But it is doing more than that. It is giving a cloak of apparent respectability to the widespread use of those things among the unmarried and thereby the whole standard of morality is being lowered."
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