Hitler Convinces Extremists to Give Him Command of Their Forces Hot

Hitler Convinces Extremists to Give Him Command of Their Forces

Adolf Hitler, 1923

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In Nuremberg, Adolf Hitler address a group of right-wing military extremists and private armies, all based in Bavaria. After speaking for two and a half hours, he convinces the leaders to place their forces under his overall command.

The name of this new alliance will be Kampfbund, or "fighting league." The name accurately describes the alliance's goal: street fighting is what they want most, especially if it's against communists.

Many of the members of these groups desperately want to emulate Benito Mussolini's famous "March on Rome" in which he seized power. They are convinced that they can accomplish the same thing in Germany and are impatient to try. When Hitler does finally try to lead them in such a takeover, it's the Beer Hall Putsch in November — and it will be a failure.

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