German Army's Supreme Commander Realizes War is Lost Hot

German Army's Supreme Commander Realizes War is Lost

Erich Ludendorff

General Ludendorff, supreme commander of the German Army, realizes that his offensives from the previous spring will not lead to a German victory and that the war is lost. He demands that the government enter armistice talks with the Allies but first pushes for its reorganization.

This reorganization means that the majority liberal parties will become responsible for surrendering to the Allies, not the ruling military and aristocratic elite who hold most of the real power and who are responsible for having pushed Germany into war in the first place.

This, in turn, prepares the ground for the Dolchstosslegende, the "stab in the back legend," according to which the German military would have won at the front if they hadn't been betrayed by liberals, Jews, communists, and socialists back home.

This myth becomes fertile ground for ultra-nationalist and authoritarian political movements in the coming years and is made an integral part of the propaganda rhetoric of the Nazi Party.


1918 Ludendorff Offensives

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