Birth of Otto Strasser, Early Nazi Supporter Hot

Birth of Otto Strasser, Early Nazi Supporter

Otto Strasser, 1939

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Otto Strasser is born in Bavaria. The brother of Gregor Strasser, he and his brother will be prominent leaders of the early Nazi Party. Along with Joseph Goebbels, the Strasser brothers will be the ones primarily responsible for transforming the Nazi Party from a fringe political group into a national movement that appeals to millions of Germans.

Like his brother Gregor, Otto Strasser will take the "socialist" part of "National Socialist German Workers' Party" seriously and advocate for socialist ideals on behalf of German workers. Otto will become disillusioned with Adolf Hitler's actions much more quickly than Gregor, though, and leaves the Nazi Party in 1930.

Gregor Strasser is murdered by Hitler in the Night of Long Knives in 1934, at which point Otto flees Germany and lives in exile in Canada until 1955.

For the rest of his life, he will promote neo-Nazism — though always with a socialist agenda and in opposition to many of the ideas endorsed by Hitler. This brand of Nazism will be labeled by some as Strasserism.


Otto Strasser returns to Germany (Rare footage)

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