Birth of Joseph Banks Rhine, Future Researcher on Paranormal Hot

Birth of Joseph Banks Rhine, Future Researcher on Paranormal

Joseph Banks Rhine

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Joseph Banks Rhine is born in Waterloo, Pennsylvania. Originally a botanist, he will become interested in psychic phenomena after watching the mind-reading abilities of a horse named Lady Wonder. This inspires him to become a pioneer in research on parapsychology and paranormal phenomena.

He never will learn that the horse was simply responding to subtle cues from her owner.

Rhine will go to the Harvard psychology department to conduct research on psychic phenomena. He later goes to Duke University and eventually becomes one of the most prominent researchers of parapsychology in the United States.

In 1934 he publishes the book Extra-Sensory Perception, thus coining the term and its acronym, ESP. In this book Rhine will claim to have discovered overwhelming experimential evidence for ESP, but researchers in other psychology departments around the country will be unable to replicate his work.

Rhine will also coin the term parapsychlogy to refer to the scientific study of the subjects of psychical research. Rhine will be convinced that his studies reveal valid evidence of psychic phenomena, but he will be repeatedly fooled by trickery and scams. This is unfortunate because he will be fully aware of the history of tricks when it came to such phenomena.

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