Sunday School Society Formed in London by William Fox Hot

Sunday School Society Formed in London by William Fox

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The Sunday School Society is formed in London to offer weekly Christian tutoring for the poor. It's the brainchild of William Fox, who is working under the auspices of the Prescott Street Baptist Church of London.

A successful businessman, Fox obtains funding from philanthropists who believe in the need for more moral education for the youth.

At this time in English history, Sunday is the only day most people have off from work. This includes children who work long hours in the factories. As a result, Sunday is a day when large numbers of children can be found running wild in the streets.

People like William Fox hope that religious lessons on Sundays will not only keep the children off the streets, but also instill in them greater respect for the prevailing social, economic, and religious order of society.

Their success will lead to the development of a similar organization in the United States in 1824.

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