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Innocent XI Elected Pope

Pope Innocent XI

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Innocent XI is elected pope. Born Benedetto Odescalchi in Milan, much of his reign will be taken up by conflicts with the king of France.

In fact, his conflicts with King Louis XIV started even before he was voted in as pope. Odescalchi had been expected to succeed Clement IX but was blocked by the king; the same thing almost happened again this time, but Odescalchi has become too popular among the cardinals, and the king had to relent.

Louis will try to placate Pope Innocent XI by presenting himself as a zealous Catholic. For example, he will revoke the Edict of Nantes in 1685 and then initiates widespread persecution against French Protestant Huguenots.

In 1682, however, Louis will get the French clergy to publish the Gallican Articles, a divisive document that denies that the pope has any authority in secular matters and claims he is subordinate to general church councils. Innocent, naturally enough, denounces this document.

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