Edict of Toleration in Prussia Bans all Theological Polemics, Even in the Pulpit

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Edict of Toleration: In the Electorate of Brandenburg in Germany, the government attempts to foster religious peace by banning all theological polemics, even in the pulpit.

In practice, Calvinist and Lutheran preachers are ordered to abstain from disparaging one another and from disparaging each other's form of Protestantism. What's more, every preacher is required to read the new edict and sign it as a demonstration that they accept it as binding on them.

Lutheran and Calvinist preachers who refuse, or who do it and then renege, are summarily dismissed from their church positions. Some are even arrested.

In more than one case, preachers are forced into conflict with the government Edict of Toleration by their own parishioners: although the preachers themselves might be willing to tolerate and ignore each other, there's too much demand for fire-and-brimstone preaching from the people in the pews.

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