Pope Gregory XIII's Bull Orders Jews to Attend Sermons Every Saturday Hot

Pope Gregory XIII's Bull Orders Jews to Attend Sermons Every Saturday

Pope Gregory XIII

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Pope Gregory XIII issues the bull Sancta mater ecclesia, ordering that wherever there is a community with enough Jews, they must all attend a sermon every Saturday (the Jewish sabbath) where a priest will instruct them on the truths of Christianity.

All Jews above the age of 12, unless suffering from an illness, are required to attend, and at least one-third of the community must be present every Saturday.

Secular authorities are made responsible for ensuring that Jews comply with these requirements, and right up through the 18th century police in Rome would use whips to drive Jews to Catholic Churches to listen to their weekly sermon. Even in the church police will be present, using whips on Jews who fall asleep or who appear to not be paying sufficient attention to the priest.

This order is a reconfirming of a bull issued by Pope Nicholas III in 1278, Vineam Sorec. It was the first time that the Catholic Church officially structured and defined efforts to convert Jews.

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