Surprise of Meaux - Huguenots Try to Kidnap Charles IX of France Hot

Surprise of Meaux - Huguenots Try to Kidnap Charles IX of France

King Charles IX of France

Surprise of Meaux: After King Charles IX of France expresses his support for Catholics in Flanders, Huguenots in France begin to fear that a Catholic assault on them is imminent and so strike first by attempting a coup.

The Huguenots take over several cities, massacre Catholics in Nimes, and try to kidnap Charles IX in Meaux. The conspiracy is led by Louis I de Bourbon, prince of Condé.

King Charles IX and his mother, Catherine de Médici, manage to escape, but they endure significant hardships while making their way to safety in Paris.

The French Wars of Religion resume as a result, but they are shortened because neither side has the preparation or resources to engage in a protracted conflict.

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