Siege of Vienna - Main Body of Ottoman Turkish Army Arrives Hot

Siege of Vienna - Main Body of Ottoman Turkish Army Arrives

Siege of Vienna

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Siege of Vienna: The main body of the Ottoman Turkish army arrives at Vienna. It's estimated at around 120,00 troops, whereas there are fewer than 20,000 defenders in the city.

The Ottoman Turks are led by Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent personally, and his intention is to begin expanding his empire further into Europe. He already controls the Balkans, and it was here that he organized the massive army now being used to attack Vienna.

The siege will only last through next month before heavy losses and an early winter force him to withdraw. Even worse, the retreat goes so badly that the Ottoman Turks lose most of their baggage, prisoners, and artillery pieces.

This isn't the last Ottoman attack on Vienna, but it ultimately represents the furthest extent of Ottoman incursions into Europe. Some historians will mark this point as the beginning of a long, gradual decline of Ottoman power and influence.


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