Vanguard of Turkish Army Arrives For Siege of Vienna Hot

Vanguard of Turkish Army Arrives For Siege of Vienna

Relieving the Siege of Vienna

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Siege of Vienna: The vanguard of the Turkish army arrives outside the gates of Vienna, at this time defended by just 16,000 men. This is the first attempt by the Ottoman Empire to conquer Vienna; soon there will be around 120,000 troops surrounding the city and led by Sultan Suleiman I the Magnificent personally.

Luckily for the defenders, the journey from Ottoman Bulgaria has been tough on the Muslim troops — they arrive in poor health and short on the supplies necessary for prosecuting a successful siege. The defenders have also had a chance to prepare, so they are as ready as can be expected.

The siege will last through October, and the Ottoman attackers meet with little success. Despite their relatively small numbers, the defenders are highly motivated and perform very well.

When Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent decides to abandon the siege, the retreat goes worse than the attacks have — the Ottoman Turks lose much of their baggage, prisoners, and artillery pieces.


1st Siege of Vienna 1529

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