Election of Pius III as Pope, Dies 10 Days After His Coronation

Election of Pius III as Pope, Dies 10 Days After His Coronation

Pope Pius III
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Pius III is elected pope. Born Francesco Todeschini Piccolomini in Sienna, Italy, he is the nephew of Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini (Pope Pius II), and he was appointed by his uncle to the position of archbishop when he was only 21 years old. He was then made a cardinal shortly after that.

Unlike many others who achieve high positions in the church due to family connections or wealth, Pope Pius III has a strong sense of personal integrity and as a result is a good candidate for the papacy.

All the different factions among the cardinals trust him, and he will set about reforming various abuses within the Church — something many popes try to do, though he is more sincere and serious than most. Pope Pius III will create new regulations, reduce papal expenditures, and tries to convene a general Council. Unfortunately, his health is so poor that he dies just 10 days after he is formally coronated.

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