Death of Antipope Clement VII, Supported by French Cardinals

Death of Antipope Clement VII, Supported by French Cardinals

Antipope Clement VII, Robert of Geneva
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Antipope Clement VII dies. Born Robert of Geneva, he was elected to the papacy by French cardinals who came to reconsider their votes for Urban VI. The French cardinals believed that they were inappropriately pressured by the Roman mob to vote for an Italian and now want a Frenchman like themselves.

While still a cardinal he actually voted for Urban VI, but because of the latter's policies Robert grew disillusioned and ended up leading the revolt against Urban. Thirteen other French cardinals agreed with Robert that the election of Urban had been an error, so elected Robert in his place.

Early on Antipope Clement VII had quite a lot of support: Sicily, Aragon, Castile, Navarre, Portugal, Savoy, Cyprus, Scotland, and France all backed Clement as pope, while Urban VI was supported by Italy, Hungray, Poland, Ireland, Egnalnd, and Flanders.

Over time, however, Clement's support decreased because he spent too much money and collected too much in taxes. France ended up leading the effort to end the schism and force Clement or his successors to submit to the pope in Rome.

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