Pope John XXII Issues Bull Against Talmud

Pope John XXII Issues Bull Against Talmud

Pope John XXII

Pope John XXII issues a bull against the Talmud. Calling it "the damned initiatives of the perfidious Jews," he orders that "the plague and deadly diseased weed [of Judaism] must be pulled out by its roots."

Bernard Gui, a notorious Franciscan Inquisitor, is authorized to put the Talmud on trial to determined if it contains blasphemies. If there are, the Talmud must be burned, then Jews and "Judaized Christians" must be punished.

Pope John XXII has long been hostile to Jews and Judaism. He previously called Judaism an "error and depravity of Jewish blindness" and "a damnable perfidia," "a filthy Jewish superstition."

In the end the Talmud is indeed found guilty of blasphemy and burned in Toulouse and Perpignon. Preachers are sent to papal cities in southern France to convert and baptize Jews, most of whom flatly refuse.

As a consequence, their synagogues are burned and the Jews themselves are expelled from the region. Pointing out "the elimination of the filthy Jewish superstition and replacing it with the worship of the Lord, the Holy Virgin, Mother of God, and the Saints," Pope John XXII provides money to construct new churches on the sites of the destroyed synagogues.

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