Gregory X Elected Pope to Fill Three-Year-Old Papal Vacancy Hot

Gregory X Elected Pope to Fill Three-Year-Old Papal Vacancy

Pope Gregory X

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Gregory X is elected pope after a papal vacancy that's lasted for three years. Born Tedaldo Visconti, he is elected while he, as archeacon of Liege, was a on pilgrimage to Saint Jean d'Acre during a crusade with Prince Edward of England.

As a result, he will not be consecrated until the next year; the date of his consecration is often used as the beginning of his pontificate.

The pontificate Gregory X will begin auspiciously when a council with both Eastern and Western representatives agrees to use a creed in use in the West and accept the authority of the pope over the Universal Church, thus healing a rift which had lingered for over two centuries.

Pop Gregory X will further strengthen his position by issuing decrees to reform church abuses and prevent protacted elections like the one which preceeded his own rise to the papal throne.

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